Credit Bureau called Equifax

To continue where I left off on the subject of Credit Bureaus, the next topic or bureau is called Equifax. According to my research from other credit company advertising and browsing around on Equifax website, this is the oldest credit bureau out of the three. This company was founded in 1899 and have branch locations in the Southeast United States and Globally. The main headquarters is based in Atlanta Georgia. You will find that the Credit Score Ranges from 280 to 850. A little lower than the TransUnion which lowest score is 300. So the banks get selective on which Bureau they want to use and if your score is less than 300, you will not qualify under TransUnion but you might under Equifax scoring. The next Credit Bureau to discuss will be the third, called Experian. We discussed TransUnion in the last Blog already. If you need it, please go to the topic titles.

I really enjoyed browsing and reading materials on Equifax site. They have a page with all types of educational materials that the public can learn from. The information is free and I did not need a credit card to get access. The would like for us to subscribe and there is a cost for that but if you just want information, such as myself to educated yourself, then go to the bottom of the page and click on the topics they offer. They have videos, company information, Decision 360, Corporate Leadership, Corporate Governance, Corporate Citizenship, Investor Relations, Media Contact, Press Releases, Careers, Company Profile.

If you should have a complaint or want to dispute information on your credit report, They provide different letter examples that you can print as a template and edit the letter to fit your personal or business situation. They have a spot to sign up for their newsletters if you like to. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read this blog article. Please take the time to like and respond back with comments. The website provides a phone number to Opt out of mailing lists. 

Opt-out of mailing lists.

Call 1-888-567-8688

If you find yourself needing to file a dispute, try contacting the Equifax Credit Bureau at:

To Dispute information in my credit report.

Initiate a dispute online here. For disputes by telephone, a telephone number is provided to initiate disputes on your credit report. Today, there is a message that you can’t dispute by phone at this time. To dispute by mail, please mail in your dispute to the address provided below.

Equifax Information Services, LLC.
P.O. Box 740256
Atlanta, GA 30348

866 349-5191



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