Credit Bureau called TransUnion

According to my Google research  and the website for TransUnion, this credit bureau was formed in 1968 based in Chicago and continues to dominate the Midwest. Just to warn you that I went on their site to search, look around to read information and ended up getting charged $9.95 on my credit card. The site asks for a credit card for security purposes and never mentioned anything about getting charged. On the other side of the page, their was a link that mention credit monitoring and I tried very hard to by pass it but could not by pass the page without giving a credit card information.

I ended clicking and searching around until I finally kept leaving messages in every box that I could find that I was not trying to buy a product but only wanted information. The gentleman was nice and put in for the refund and finally after a few days, the money is back on my card. Yeah! so please becareful and don’t make the same mistake as I.

Now, while I was visiting the site and looking around, found out that if you or I should have a dispute on our credit reports that we can contact them and they have a form that can be printed out and mailed in or you can create your own letters about most anything that you don’t agree with. TransUnion credit scores are the hardest to measure up too and now I understand why some banks, mortgage companies perfer this company compared to the other two. TransUnion Credit Score Range is: Low as 300 to high as 850. Do you get it now?

If you should have a dispute or want to try and get your credit report, get credit monitoring, or any other services just contact them online at or for the disputes at  to get the Request for Investigation Form. This form has pre-written boxes to check under “This information is inaccurate because”: 1. This is not my account 2. I have never paid late 3. This account is in bankruptcy 4. This account is closed 5. I have paid this account in full 6. I paid this before it went to collection or before it was charged off and 7. Other

They have a phone number toll free at: 1-800-916-8800 and

Mail them at: TransUnion Consumer Solutions,

P.O. BOX 2000 Chester, PA 19022-2000.

I can say more but this site was not that friendly to use but the customer service person was very friendly and helpful to me. I hope this information helps someone out there and hope that many others will take the responsibility to stand up and try to get that credit and the credit scores to rise up higher so that you can enjoy life. Bad credit and bad credit scores equal harder life. Good credit and good credit scores equal an easier life, trustworthy reputation and access to more things in life. For we never know what we are going to need or who we might need in this life. Thanks for visiting! Any questions or comments please start blogging. My next page on Credit Bureaus will be about “Equifax”.


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