Cee Linda Articles, Blogs and Different types of Writing topics

My goal here is to create and try to put all the written articles, blogs, stories or writing topics together to make it easier for you to find.  Bare with me, I’m trying to figure out how. Since a new year has started, I thought it would be good to start with the Credit Bureaus information. I know everyone needs that information because of all the spending from the holidays. I also would like to invite everyone to my very own Online store which is up and running now. Hope to create and build an Online Mall in the future.

The website is http://www.ceeushopping.com

 I do have some products to mention soon. If you get a chance, please visit the online store, browse around and let me know what you think or if you have any ideas that I might be able to use? Tell me directly on the blog or private message or email, not throw hints or books at me. I am not a Professional blogger, I’m just a human person who knows how to communicate and talk to others.

Thanks for visiting! Hope to hear from you again soon or anytime and on the blogs. I need some likes on my page, Facebook Fan Page and the Online Store likes. Thanks for listening. Please come back again. Ceelinda.



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