Cee Linda Blog Posts

Greeting to all! I have started this site and blog pages to share with you in my community and social circle as well as the public about the many products and services that me and my family enjoy. I have finished college with a Bachelor’s degree and want to see if the business practices and principles that I have learned, really work. I hope to build up this site and make a little money from promoting other vendors products that we enjoy. This site will also explore new products, services and ideas on the markets of today. I hope that you will enjoy sharing your ideas and other information with the other visitors, fans, coworkers, friends, public and myself of this site. I’m not sure which direction that this site will go at this time and that’s why I’m calling myself a Nerd! I need to Do Me! But are still trying to find my way around socially. You might be a Nerd too and can help me to decide? I will continue to follow current trends in the community. I want to keep a good, keep the language clean and fun communication system between us. I will update this site in the future as needed and it depends on your feedback, my mood and my likes. Enjoy my site and the Blogging if you wish. Thanks for visiting my pages.  Kind Regards, CeeLinda.