About Cee Linda

I’m a college degree graduate from Strayer University, Virginia. My degree is Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and I wanted to start sharing information, services, and products online that interest me, my family, co-workers and other friends in the community and share with the public to. The purpose was to promote products and services that interest us, the public can follow us to, and purchase the same if they think that they need or want to try these ideas for themselves. Blogging is new to me because this site was suppose to be an Online Store but they did not have what I needed at that time. So, I decided to keep this blog site and put it to good use. Sometimes, no one want to hear what I want to share and I can’t always keep it inside, so I can release the topics here on my very own page. I have opinions and ideas just like everyone else. The goal here is to share ideas, information about topics of the world, products that may or not work. My hope is to create and become an educational source for others. Looking forward to your blog posts and please post your experiences so we all can learn from each other about various products, services and topics. I need your likes. The Online Store URL is: http://www.ceeushopping.com Thanks for visiting my site. Ceelinda.


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