My New Online Store Has Opened!

Hello! Everyone, I’m so sorry that it has taken so long for me to blog back. I started trying to build an online store website and it was so hard to do but I finally did it. I am going to try and catch up where I left off on this site in the coming days. I still have work to do in tweeting and trying to get the word out. The budget is limited and I did not know that there was so many things and costs if you want the best store out there.

After I got the store up and running, Amazon called and told me that they have a department that could help put together and run a store for me for $300? I had already stayed up most of the night for around 3 weeks trying to put it together. I’m so proud of myself, didn’t know if I could do it or not. The Online store that I have put together has all products from Amazon. I got a call and recording while waiting from Goggle that if  I did not talk to them that they would cut off traffic to the store. I don’t mind paying for services and upgrades to the store but it would be nice if they wait and see if I can even make any money first? This is my first online store. I had an ice-cream truck a long time ago and it seemed easier than this store, but I intend to try and enjoy it if I can.

The store’s website is called:  (CEEUSHOPPING.COM) I’m hoping that everyone will go and check it out for me, spread the word for me and check out the Facebook Fan Page at Ceeushopping@Ceeushopping. I did not know what to put in the front. As I get used to the store and ideas come up, I might change it again. I don’t really like the logo, the one that I did like did not fit the free model. I’m not in the position to start buying up everything there is to get out there. Everyone wants me to buy, buy and buy stuff but I don’t have anything right now but they don’t care. They still harass me.

So to those who are trying to follow me, don’t! Just visit when you can and keep me updated with your posts and your blogs. I do stay very busy, helping out with the grandchildren and trying to find myself a new career. This is my way of keeping busy and to not get too bored or depressed because I haven’t found a new career yet. Maybe I should go back to college and take up IT since I was able to put together an online store, lol. But, like everyone else, I need to work and pay bills and there are many things that are left to do in this life and I can’t do them broke. Right? I know you all understand.

Not trying to toot my own horn but you guys just don’t know what I have been through and I’m looking forward to my next project, whatever that might be? Will keep you all posted. Thanks for your time and for reading my bloggy.