Welcome to Do You! Undecided Nerds!

Hello Everyone! I’m building my pages better, little by little. I’m sorry that it has been awhile since posting my blogs. I have been working on an Online Store. I finally got the store up and running. Hope that you will take the time to visit the store, browse and purchase what you like. It has been a hard task but I feel good about myself that I did try and succeeded. I think that I might have gone to college and got the wrong degree? Laughing out loud! What I mean by that is that I have always like playing with the media and use to make DVD’s and CD’s for church lectureships, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, retirement, graduations and other events. What I did back then was editing, making labels and cropping the recording and photos. I was not a professional but did medium level work. Well! The same with this Online store business. I’m not a professional but my mind is curious enough to want to learn how to do it and when I put my mind into it, the job got done. Oh! The Online store URL is: http://www/ceeushopping.com   and my Facebook Fan Page is Ceeushopping. Next, I plan to write about different things, share articles, my experiences on different topics, the headline news topics and promote products that my family, friends and I have purchased and think that you should know about it. I want you all to know the same about my blogging skills. I Do Not Claim to Be An Expect Blogger! Let’s get this clear now because someone has been sending me something on my email on how to build a blog site and how to blog. Well! Get this! I do not care about that. Whomever is sending this to me, listen up! Do You! I am Doing me! I’m the Undecided Nerds here! that’s why I have this page. I love learning from others but want you to know that I’m just being me with this site, not a professional, not at this time. If you are the professional then I will send people to you or your site. But for those who want to read and listen to me share, vent or just blog about nothing, You are welcome! If my blog site is not professional for you, I’m so sorry to have wasted your time and I do understand if you want to leave me. I won’t be mad of upset. In my heart, I have a lot that I can share with others and hope to use this medium to do so. Feel free to talk to me directly about the things that I write and my store too. I’m hoping to create an Online Mall in the future. I’m Hoping my site will help you to become like minded with me. I’m looking forward to sharing Blogs and stuff with my community of friends. I will be making changes as I learn them and see the need to, smiles. Enjoy the site. Thanks for visiting and please come by again. Sign up to become a member of this site. Please give me a lot of likes and bring me some new friends to. I need some like for the Online Store  and the Facebook Fan Page. Have a great day everyone! CeeLinda.



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